Will Research on Syntrion Homeopathics Lead to Nobel Prize?

October 6th, 2009

Dr. Christopher Gerner’s lecture at the Syntrion seminar this past Sunday generated quite a bit of excitement. His recent findings about how Syntrion remedies work as immune triggers broke new ground. Using highly sophisticated techniques, Dr. Gerner, who holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry and conducts cancer research at the Medical University of Vienna in Austria, discussed how Syntrion remedies actually help the immune system recall appropriate healing responses that it learned during an individual’s childhood, but lost as an adult. By reactivating these complex strategies, the remedies serve as immune triggers to defeat various pathogens that cause acute and chronic illnesses.

One medical doctor suggested that Dr. Gerner may one day be in the running for a Nobel Prize in Medicine, especially if he can identify integral “switch” signals among Syntrion’s microorganism-based, cellular re-programming therapies that will revolutionize cancer treatment. She believes Dr. Gerner and Syntrion president/biochemist Ronald Ullmann may also be “at the top of the crest of a wave of change that could shift old fixed paradigms of thinking in science and medicine.”

What’s also amazing is that Dr. Gerner finds the time to investigate these remedies. He not only directs multiple graduate students and projects in his lab, but also told me he’s teaching 15 hours a week this semester. But as a very young-looking 41-year old, he seems to be holding up quite nicely.

Moreover, under Herr Ullmann’s guidance, Syntrion has positioned its remedies as the best of two worlds — top quality, highly effective complementary medicines based on state of the art modern medical science. This vision is expensive, as research funding has run into hundreds of thousands of euros. Despite the high cost, Ullmann strongly values the merging of homeopathy with mainstream science to clearly show how his remedies can help heal disease, especially chronic conditions that modern medicine is at a loss to treat successfully.

Herr Ullmann told me that Syntrion’s company tag line is “Superior Science. Superior Remedies. Superior Service.” It goes without saying that BioResource is both proud and happy to be associated with such dedicated, hard-working and visionary people who are doing their best daily to earn that “superior” label.

Mike Sheehan

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October 2nd, 2009

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