2011 BioResource Pricing – Eira Skin Care Price Reduction

January 4th, 2011

Hi All,

I want to thank you all for an excellent 2010, and let you know about our 2011 prices for the PEKANA, Syntrion, and SanPharma remedies, and the Byron White Formulas.

Despite some modest price increases from Germany, we have good news: BioResource practitioner prices will remain the same as 2010, while the Syntrion Eira skin lotions actually will decrease more than 12% per dispenser. In addition, we are hoping to reduce the cost of the Byron White Formulas sometime in 2011 to make them a bit more affordable for your patients, and will let you know if and when that can happen.

Moreover, Inflamyar ointment will be available starting this winter in a new, smaller 35 gram tube as well as the current 100 gram size. PEKANA also will produce Inflamyar in oral globules or “pellets” during 2011. Finally, the company’s flagship remedy, Opsonat, will be sold in 100 ml bottles, as well as the current 50 ml drops size.

We look forward to another good year of working with you and helping your practices grow.

Best regards,

Mike Sheehan
BioResource Inc.