Welcome to the BioResource Blog – News from Syntrion

October 6th, 2009

Welcome to the first BioResource blog, where I hope to keep practitioners informed about our latest news and remedy introductions, as well as new educational materials and general comments.

We held our second annual Syntrion Seminar yesterday (Sunday, October 4), and it was good to once again have Syntrion president Ronald Ullmann and researcher Christopher Gerner from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria as our guest speakers. Ronald presented some excellent toxicology data about homeopathic remedies, while one highlight of Dr. Gerner’s talk focused on his finding that SyImmune tablets do NOT overstimulate the immune response – even in what he calls “strong responders.” This was significant because it means SyImmune is safe (and effective) to use in treating different types of flu. For example, Ronald reported good success in combining the new SyResp remedy with either SyImmune or SyInfect in treating various viruses, so that was newsworthy and good to hear.

Ronald also spoke about the exciting new Eira skin lotions that will be available in the US this November. Apparently the very high quality Regenerating lotion is doing wonders to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and make skin look younger and smoother. In addition, he discussed the benefits derived from using the Eira Sensitive and Eira Anti-Fatigue lotions. Syntrion will provide small sample tubes of the homeopathic creams – which come packaged in pharmaceutical grade dispensers that prevent any leeching of the plastic into the lotion, so this will be a really top-notch product line sold to professionals. Way to go, Ronald.

That’s all for now, but feel free to send me your comments or questions.

Mike Sheehan