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Spagyric and/or homeopathic preparations of:

Acidum arsenicosum 12X
Acidum sulfuricum 8X
Chamaelirium luteum 12X
Hydrastis canadensis 12X
Kreosotum 12X
Lemna minor 12X
Magnesium fluoratum 12X
Silicea   12X

Adrenal adaptogen.

Adrenal dysregulation.

Adrenals in resistance stage of Selye’s general adaptive syndrome.

¼ to ¾ teaspoons in water 2 to 4 times per day.

Duration of Use:
May be needed for prolonged period of time, or until the patient has moved from the resistance phase of the general adaptive syndrome to the reaction phase.

Combines Well With:
Psy-Stabil, Somcupin, or Coro-Calm for emotional stress.

Helmin and Opsonat for gut dysbiosis.

Generally Not Combined With:
Often alternated but not combined with Neu-Regen.

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