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2019 Webinar Videos Available

BioResource webinar videos are available for streaming and download. Access the videos by selecting the seminar below:

  • A Deep Dive into German Biological Medicine - How to Formulate a Customized Treatment Plan Using PEKANA and sanPharma Remedies: Stream Download

  • Case Studies Using Ormed’s Chronic Infections Protocol and Tinctures for Lyme and Other Conditions: Stream Download

  • Use of Enhanced Nerve Balm Topical Formula for Peripheral Neuropathy, Sciatica, and Other Types of Nerve Pain: Stream Download

  • Basics of German Biological Medicine - Clinical Application of PEKANA & sanPharma Remedies, Classical Homeopathy, and Supplements: Stream Download

  • INFLAMYAR Research Study: Stream Download

Take Advantage of Complimentary Practitioner Support for Questions about Remedies & Patient Therapies

BioResource provides complimentary Health Care Practitioner Support by phone and email. Whether you require an introduction to PEKANA homeopathic-spagyric remedies and sanPharma immune-metabolics, or are looking for expert training and protocols for a wide range of patient conditions such as tick-borne-disease, chronic infections, mold toxicity and patient sensitivity, we are here to support you.

Once you've opened a practitioner account with BioResource (800/203-3775), you can book a phone consultation by sending an email to Judy Loring, CN, at with your name, information on your scope of practice (MD, ND, DC, LAc, DO, DDS, CN, etc), phone number, and time zone (Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific). Judy will contact you directly to schedule your appointment. For additional information, check out the Practitioner Support Flyer.

If you're using this service for the first time, please ask about our next-order remedy credit.

We look forward to working with you, and supporting your practice.

Ormed Sprayaway Combines Eucalyptus essential oil, Marshmallow extract and Propolis to Relieve Sore Throat Pain.
Ormed Sprayaway relieves sore throat pain on contact, and disinfects viral or bacterial pharyngitis. Each 10 ml spray bottle contains a powerful, effective combination of Propolis, essential oil of Eucalyptus, and Marshmallow extract.

Bio-Botanical GI-Detox Formula Information

As a reminder, BioResource distributes the Bio-Botanical GI Detox+ formula.

This very popular formula combines clay, charcoal and other binders, to help clear mycotoxins, heavy metals and other xenobiotic toxins from the system. Binders are essential in any protocol where you are treating mold, chemical exposures and pathogens, and will enhance your PEKANA drainage protocol.

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New PEKANA Company Video

Click here to Watch the 3 minute, 43 second film about PEKANA and its production of high quality natural remedies.

PEKANA Remedies
PEKANA Homeopathic-Spagyric Medications
For Doctors Who Demand the Very Best Complementary Medicine Has to Offer
PEKANA homeopathic-spagyric therapy provides powerful energetic and biochemical effects. The medications blend spagyrically-processedherbs, synergistic minerals and homeopathic substances to support optimal excretion of toxins, cleansing of the extracellular matrix and restoration ofproper physiological function. All PEKANA products are:
  • Produced at a GMP-certified facility and manufactured according to a Unique Spagyric Processing Method listed in the German HomeopathicPharmacopeia (HAB) to ensure the highest standards of quality, safety and efficacy
  • Combination formulas made from fresh plants or dried herbs that PEKANA analyzes and standardizes to maintain consistently high product quality
  • Filtered, never distilled, to ensure that biocatalysts and vitamins are not destroyed
  • FDA-listed and Supported by Observational Studies